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Felanitx is the second largest wine-making region in Majorca. It boasts good shopping for local products such as wine and ceramics.

Cycling is a good way to get to know the landscape of the countryside, where everything is peace and quiet. There are several routes which enable the enthusiast to go on challenging journeys and circuits, with both easy-going and more difficult rides.

If you are looking for really authentic local produce, then Porreres is the perfect place. The local market has a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, wine and honey, and it is an area that is famous for its olives, apricots, almonds and cereals. Just about 2 kilometres from the village the Sanctuary of Monti-Zion rises up before you. It is a Franciscan monastery built in 1551, and has great views of the surrounding fields and countryside.

Petra, which has history hiding in every corner, offers emblematic buildings and well cared for fields bearing traditional crops; cereals, ramellet (or vine) tomatoes, melons, almonds, olives and much more.

It is one of the most representative parts of the so-called “interior” of the island. Its rural scenery, village square and its people show us many facets of the real, traditional Majorcan way of life, many of which have disappeared or been abandoned in other parts of the island. A stroll through the old streets of the village or along the many rural lanes in the district will let the traveller discover beautiful places and beauty spots, overflowing with nature, history and heritage. Your visit there will be more rewarding still if you take the opportunity to try the gastronomy and local products or enjoy their traditional festivals.


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