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Pollensa, Pollensa Port and San Vicente cove, not to mention Alcudia, make up some of the most lovely areas of the north of the island. Among the most outstanding tourist attractions we must highlight the Calvario Chapel over the Torrente de Sant Jordi mountain stream, the Municipal Museum, the Music Festival and numerous art exhibitions.

Pollensa Port boasts a long seafront promenade and wide beaches. San Vicente cove is actually a series of coves with crystal clear water, located at the foot of Cavall Bernat Peak and includes the prehistoric caves of l’Alzineret.

Like the rest of the island, its cuisine reflects its Mediterranean roots. The area offers a wide variety of restaurants, both for local and international cuisine. Worth mention also are its cold cuts, especially sobrasada (cured pork sausage with paprika), longaniza (a long, marinated pork sausage), and butifarrones (another pork sausage with anise and herbs and spices). Other specialities include sopes mallorquines ( a soup without stock, with bread and cabbage), pa amb oli (country bread with olive oil and tomato), tumbet (aubergines, courgettes, potatoes and tomato sauce), arroz brut (rice soup with meat) coques de trempó y verdures (a light pastry base topped with onion and peppers or vegetables), lomo con col (pork loin wrapped in cabbage), lechona (roast suckling pig), caracoles (snails), frito de matanza or freixura ( a fry-up of pork , liver and peppers or with organ meats) panades (pork pies), and cocarrois ( vegetable pie). The island also has a range of pastries; ensaimada which is a swirling flour and lard Danish pastry, greixonera de brossat (stale pastry soaked in egg and caramel), gató con almendras (sponge cake with almonds), robiols (sweet pies filled with angel hair, custard or jam) and crespells (biscuits).

Majorca also has a flourishing wine trade and makes high quality liqueurs such as ‘palo’ (Carob Bean Liqueur), ‘vino dulce’ (sweet wine), ‘hierbas’ (anise with herbs, either sweet or dry or semi-dry).

Pollensa is still famous in the artistic and cultural world thanks to public programmes such as the International Music Festival, the Pollensa Museum and private initiatives like Dionís Bennàssar’s Home/Museum, the Martí Vicenç Museum and numerous art galleries.


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