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  • Can Pastilla | Puig Major (5:20 hrs.)

    Can Pastilla- Sta.Maria-Inca – Sa Calobra- Puig Major – Soller – Bunyola – Can Pastilla     Puig Major is the highest point on the island of Majorca. It rises to 1,445 metres and is located in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range, in the municipality of Escorca. This natural area consists of amazing ecosystems […]

  • Can Pastilla | Sineu (3:10 hrs.)

    Can Pastilla | Llucmajor | Puig de Randa  | Sineu | Sta. María  | Can Pastilla Puig de Randa is a hill of 543 metres and at the top we can find the Santuario de Cura. To reach the summit there’s an ascent of five kilometres on a rather narrow road. From the top you can see […]

  • Can Pastilla | Felanitx (3:45 hrs.)

    Can Pastilla | Santanyí | Felanitx | Porreres | Can Pastilla     Felanitx is the second largest wine-making region in Majorca. It boasts good shopping for local products such as wine and ceramics. Cycling is a good way to get to know the landscape of the countryside, where everything is peace and quiet. There are […]

  • Can Pastilla | Inca (3 hrs.)

    Can Pastilla | Sineu | Inca | Sta. María | Can Pastilla     Sineu is located right in the centre of the island of Majorca. There are two structures that must be mentioned as they change the otherwise flat landscape: Sant Nofre Hill (255 metres) and Reig Hill (206 metres). The most important building in Sineu […]