Avoid surprises on Majorca and rent (quality) bikes

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Quality has always underpinned the philosophy of Eight Pedals since the very beginning. We offer a fleet of Cannondale road bikes for rent as well as a tailored service in order to make sure our clients enjoy their pedalling experience on Majorcan roads.

Many of the cycle tourists visiting Majorca are torn between taking their own bicycle with them on the plane and renting one on the island. When pondering the alternatives, all they worry about is finding a quality bicycle with a similar performance to that of their own. At Eight Pedals we help this customer profile in particular, as we rent out high-quality bicycles that are as similar as possible to the ones they ride in their home country. We offer models such as Cannondale Supersix, Cannondale Synapse and Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra.

When visitors rent a bicycle on Majorca, they are actually avoiding a significant number of issues and mishaps that are more common than one might think. In order to protect the bike from impact and damage, a special bike bag is required. These bags are very expensive and also don’t fully ensure that the bike will arrive in good condition.

First of all, if visitors end up taking their bikes on the plane, they must arrive at the airport well in advance of their flight, since they must check in early to avoid the much-feared overbooking… the consequences of which are simply tremendous. It is also advisable to hand them in at the “special luggage” counter to prevent them from being badly treated by baggage handlers, as it happens in many airports, where luggage is tossed and dropped.

If you choose to take your own bike with you, it is likely that it will land with bumps and faults that are sometimes hard to repair and may even put your holidays at risk. Some examples include: the edges of the axle have damaged the frame, the derailleur hanger has bent, some of the gear teeth have bent, the frame has been scratched by the derailleur or the chain… All this sort of problems may stop you from fully enjoying your time on Majorca due to the unexpected change of plans.    

At Eight Pedals we share our clients’ passion for cycling and take care of our bikes like nobody else does. Our main goal is to help our customers enjoy, pedal and ride on Majorcan roads. All our bikes are in perfect condition and we make sure that they are delivered and picked up at the agreed address. In addition, we solve any technical issue you may have and even help you plan a cycling route in the event you don’t know the island that well and you need some advice.



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