Cannodale Synapse



SAVE PLUS micro-suspension in the frame and the fork complement each other with the incorporation of the SAVE shank to create holistic comfort and improved performance, protecting you from shocks and vibrations while maintaining all the feel between bike and road.

The position of the rider perfectly balances forward leaning efficiency and comfort of the upright ride to provide a perfect feeling that favours extreme riding as well as all day sessions.

The Synapse not only has every size of frame related to its own measurement of carbon frame and tube suitable for the cyclist, but it also has three different diameters of fork, steering and head tube with three different fork offsets to guarantee that every cyclist gets the same sense of motion and riding, regardless of their size.

We have a selection of pedals, but for your convenience, you may bring your own (Shimano SPD | Shimano SPD SL  | Look KEO), as well as your own helmet and flasks.

This bike comes with a tool kit, spare inner tube and pump.



FRAME Synapse CARBON, BallisTec Carbon, SAVE PLUS, BB30A

FORK Synapse SAVE PLUS, BallisTec Carbon, 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ tapered steerer

SHIFTERS Shimano ULTEGRA 6800, 50-34/11-32, 11-speed