Dear Customer, INFORMATION

  1. Rental bikes are Cannondale. This is a high-end international brand.
  2. All the road bikes are carbon fiber.
  3. To guide us about the size of the bike, we pay attention to the height of the client. For example, a height of 1.75m, corresponds to a M size.
  4. We can assemble the babychair, but only in mountain  bikes.
  5. We offer the option of lights for night riding. This is an additional charge of 1 euros for day rental.
  6. All rental bikes come with a third party damage insurance.
  7. You can opt for an damage bike policy with a cost of 1’5 euros/day.
  8. Rental days can be extended if you call one day in advance to the phone number: xxx or by email to If there is no calling one day in advance, a supplement 15euros must be payed.

RENTAL CONDITIONS Through our online pre-booking service, you are asking for renting our bikes, service subject to the following conditions:

  • Bike rental implies acceptance of these conditions by the lessor and lessee.
  • The tenant and the landlord are required to check the possible damages to the bike on the arrival of it, and also to check the proper use of it. The owner is not responsible for damage or misuse of the bicycle.
  • Bike rental by owner includes: a mini pump, rear bag, spare tube, Allen key number 4 and dismantlers delivered to the landlord.
  • The tenant is responsible for the bike during all the rental period as well as the damages to rented property and punctures, tires, bike and all the material given.
  • The landlord will not be responsible for the tenant, or damage to third parties that the lessee may cause.
  • Hiring an ACCIDENT INSURANCE is the responsibility of the lessee
  • In case of BREAKNESS, and if there is not the OPTIONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE HIRED, the lessee shall pay the following prices:

Bike – 3000,00 € Cuadro Cannondale Synapse carbón – 2.000,00 € Juego bielas SLK carbón con platos – 298,00 € Manetas Ultegra 6800 (juego) – 220,00 € Cambiador trasero Ultegra 6800 – 61,44 € Desviador delantero Ultegra 6800 – 30,40 € Juego frenos Ultegra 6800 – 92,64 € Bomba de hinchar bici GIYO – 5,00 € Cuentakilómetros Cateye cable – 19,90 € Cuentakilómetros Cateye sin cable – 29,50 € Cinta manillar – 9,50 €

  • In case of THEFT, the lessee shall pay the following prices: Bike (3000 €).
  • The delivery service will be possible only for rentals of 3 or more days. You can sollect and drop the bike at the Satation agreed on the booking. The cost of the transport will change depends on the distance delivery.
  • The tenant will be responsible for the compliment of the General Traffic Regulation established in the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands as well as the characteristics of each municipality. (Please note that the helmet is mandatory outside urban areas).
  • This service is directed exclusively to adults with legal capacity to contract the services offered on this site. Stating that the user knows and accepts these terms.
  • In general, the availability and price for special service requests that could not have been included in the calculation of the pre-booking online, they will remain pending of confirmation by the hotel.
  • Cancellation of pre-booking. Before pre-dates days may be canceled without charge,mailing to, or by phone at +34 xxxxx
  • Modification of booking. Confirmed bookings may be modified at a later time, via email at The success of the change will depend on the availability of bicycles at the time of the request. Prices may change.
  • You are not exempted to pay the contract services in case of complaints or grievance.
  • If S’Escapada Cycling Station communicates the cancellation of pre-booking due to force majeure, defined as circumstances beyond the control of the party pleading abnormal and consequences of which would have been unavoidable despite having acted with due diligence due; will lapse prereservation without recourse or compensation by the user or customer. This course will communicate, if that is possible, to the email address provided in the pre-booking.
  • S’Escapada Cycling Station reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to the stated conditions.
  • Customer agrees that the law applicable to the operation of this service is the Spanish one, and submits to the jurisdiction and courts of the Balearic Islands for the resolution of disputes arising from the interpretation and application of this agreement.
  • On arrival at the S’Escapada Cycling Station you should deliver the sheet of your pre-booked online done on this website.
  • In relation to personal data supplied by the client, it expressly declares accepting S’Escapada Cycling Station at:
  • The inclusion in a database of personal data to be necessary for the proper provision of services.
  • The communication of such data to third parties when necessary for the proper provision of services contracted.
  • To use the data collected to undertake marketing and promotional activities aimed at the client, in order to inform any offer and / or promotion or mere communications.

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